Petite 18-Year-Old Hooker Inseminated on Hidden Camera!

タイトル:Petite 18-Year-Old Hooker Inseminated on Hidden Camera!
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Chimlin「Petite 18-Year-Old Hooker Inseminated on Hidden Camera!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


There’s something about gogo dancers who have braces that just really turns me on. I think it’s the whole “innocent” look、 especially when juxtaposed with their slutty gogo bar outfits and the seedy、 degenerate bar environment. It’s like they’re these sweet innocent girls who have to nervously dance around naked while being ogled by all these strange men….and it really turns me on!*****This week’s spied upon hooker、 Chimlin、 was a perfect example of that. She was working at a smaller gogo at Soi Diamond and you could tell she was new to the industry and incredibly nervous. At 18 years old、 she’d never encountered so many foreign men before and it definitely intimidated her. When it was her shift to “dance、” she more so just swayed her hips back and forth and stared at the floor、 obviously nervous. However、 when I finally made eye contact with the little teenie and called her down for a drink、 her eyes lit up and her mouth burst into a smile、 exposing her shiny bright new braces. *****“Wow、 you’re so cute! You have a great smile. You should smile more. You’re adorable. I wanna take you home with me!” I rambled on and on and she just nodded and smiled at everything I said. After a few minutes I realized she didn’t understand anything I was saying as her English was poor. But hey、 I actually like that. I’m not paying these girls to talk. I’m simply paying them to rent me their whore-holes for the evening. Talking just gets in the way of more important business.*****I had Chimlin sit on my lap and made her remove her bikini top. Oh man、 such perfect、 petite little tits、 like she was a late bloomer and they just started to develop. After openly fondling her at the table、 I slid my hand down her panties to see if she was clean-shaven. Silky smooth…perfect!*****Mamasan noticed me poking and prodding the little baby-faced teen and came up to me smiling: “She brand new sir、 never barfine before. 18 years old、 fresh for you!” Well、 I didn’t need much convincing、 but that bit of info put me over the top and I pulled the trigger and barfined the fresh-faced teen and brought her home with me.*****Hidden cameras are tricky and don’t always work the way you hope. On this particular evening、 the lighting in the short time room I was shooting in was dreadful and the camera didn’t pick up good footage. No worries! I got Chimlin’s number and invited her over for round two the next day during the afternoon (which is the footage you’re seeing now). *****Back at my own condo、 I can set up the cameras however I want and have them motion sensored to switch on at the slightest movement. I had cams in the bathroom and the bedroom and caught some great footage of this adorable little newcomer、 and she had no idea I was filming her the whole time、 hehehe. I fucked the naive hooker in a few different positions、 and although the size of my cock caused her a lot of pain、 she took the brutal pounding stoically. When I felt the need to deposit my baby batter into her warm、 wet oven、 I just grabbed her hips tight、 pounded her faster and faster、 and finally unloaded into her unprotected womb without asking. Besides、 she wouldn’t have understood the question anyway、 right? *****Petite little Chimlin wasn’t upset at all and was actually all smiles as my cum started oozing out of her pussy. Guess what babe? Your very first customer knocked you up successfully. You’re such a lucky girl!


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