Pretty Thai Teeny Bopper Knocked Up on Hidden Camera!

タイトル:Pretty Thai Teeny Bopper Knocked Up on Hidden Camera!
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Bussaba「Pretty Thai Teeny Bopper Knocked Up on Hidden Camera!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


If you’ve spent much time in Southeast Asia、 you know that dating apps are fucking awesome. You can score so much quality pussy with so little effort that it’s ridiculous. Whether you’re into barely legal teens or curvy mature MILFs、 the region is a veritable pussy wonderland.*****One problem you’ll encounter、 however、 is that these chicks are really good at making themselves look a lot sexier than they really are. I don’t know what camera apps they use (I’m not as hip as I used to be I guess) but they can turn a chick who’s a 6 or 7 into a solid 8 or 9. Blatant false advertising I say! But what can you do? You just gotta keep trying until you score a jewel.*****Which brings me to this week’s spied upon sweetheart、 Bussaba. When I saw her profile picture on Thai Friendly (a popular dating app here) I was pretty sceptical. This girl definitely looked too good to be true. 18 years old with a beautiful complexion、 insane waist-to-hip ratio、 and a juicy round bubblebutt. And did I mention she had braces? Really cute and sexy. But I’ve been down this road before、 so I had to tread lightly. *****I decided to meet this beautiful little teenie bopper at a Starbucks、 just to make sure she was legit. When she walked through the door I was blown away. Holy shit! This girl looked even better than her pictures! I tried to keep my cool and drink my overpriced latte、 but all I could think about was getting this gorgeous Thai teen back to my apartment and stripping her down. And like the good Boy Scout I am、 I was prepared – I had all my cams set up on a motion sensor so as soon as we got back to my place they were rolling away!*****Bussaba’s English wasn’t great and she didn’t talk much、 but I could at least communicate enough to explain to her that I wanted her to shower and change into some sexy、 slutty lingerie. She agreed without hesitation. I love it when girls are this easy!*****As Bussaba wasn’t much of a talker、 I decided we should get down to business immediately、 so I stripped the little cunt down and fondled her fresh teen body like a hungry man who hasn’t eaten in days. Although she was young、 she certainly seemed experienced around a cock、 as she took my 9-inch tool deep into her mouth slowly and reverently、 sucking on it like she was auditioning for a job. And I guess in some sense she was. If she could satisfy me、 I’d definitely keep this little whore around for at least a couple weeks!*****When it was time to pump her pussy、 I could barely fit my cock into her tiny slit. Holy shit her pussy was tight! I could see her facial expression in the mirror and she was clearly in pain、 but her pussy juiced up automatically despite the discomfort. That’s another reason I love teens. Their pussies get so fucking wet on the slightest touch.*****I fucked my little flower in many positions、 but I wanted to unload into her while she was riding me. The thought of putting my baby into the belly of a chick this fine was just too hard to resist、 so after a few minutes of hard pumping、 I flooded the tight walls of her barely legal breeding box with my life-giving semen. If felt so fucking good!*****About half an hour later I asked the little slut if she was on birth control. She didn’t understand the question、 so I translated it in Google Translate. She read the sentence and was still confused. She wrote back “what is this birth control?” And I just laughed and smiled. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it baby. But I’m ready for Round 2. Start sucking.” And she smiled at me and batted her beautiful big brown eyes and replied “Yes sir!”


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