Cute Bubble-Butt Thai Girl Corked Like a Wine Bottle!

タイトル:Cute Bubble-Butt Thai Girl Corked Like a Wine Bottle!
サイト:Hey動画 単品販売 (ボーナスポイント購入)
プロバイダ:Monger In Asia 公式
Monger In Asia-hey

Nooann「Cute Bubble-Butt Thai Girl Corked Like a Wine Bottle!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


This week’s breeder is an adorable young Thai babe from the northeast part of Thailand named Nooann. I met her online on one of the ubiquitous Thai dating websites、 and she told me she was currently staying in Pattaya looking for work. Well、 I didn’t have any work to give her per se、 but I did have something else equally valuable – strong、 virile sperm from a tall foreigner man. Was she interested? Absolutely!*****When we met in person、 Nooann was even cuter than her pictures suggested. Although she was 20、 she had an adorable baby-face and a perfectly symmetrical round bubble-butt. She was naturally flat-chested、 but that didn’t bother me. With an ass that round and hips like that、 I had no doubt she’d be a great cum receptacle and would be able to pop out one of my strong western babies with ease. And even if her tits were small now、 they’d surely grow bigger as they swell up and fill with milk.*****Nooann was shy and her English wasn’t that great、 but that’s ok. A proper female really doesn’t need to talk that much. In fact、 I don’t mind if they don’t talk at all! A girl’s mouth shouldn’t be used for talking and boring a man to death….it should be used strictly for sucking cock. And Nooann definitely had a knack for that!*****After getting me nice and hard、 I proceeded to fuck Nooann’s bushy but beautiful young pussy in numerous ways、 finally unleashing my load into her doggystyle. Her perfect round ass was so much fun to stare at as my 9-inch cock slid in and out between her bouncy buttcheeks and the release was heavenly. When I corked her pussy to incubate her、 she was a little confused and didn’t know what I was doing. But she went along with it、 knowing her job wasn’t to question the man but rather to obey his orders. *****After I was sure the little slut was properly fertilized、 I uncorked her and sent her on her way. Sorry I couldn’t offer you a job honey、 but I gave you something much more valuable. The gift of a foreign baby growing in your belly!


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