Chubby Chick With Fat Udders Gets Bred By Bull!

タイトル:Chubby Chick With Fat Udders Gets Bred By Bull!
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Anna「Chubby Chick With Fat Udders Gets Bred By Bull!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


You guys might be wondering why I picked this particularly chubby chick to be this week’s prized breeder. On the surface、 she certainly isn’t the hottest girl in the world. Sure、 her half-Arab half-Thai ethnicity is appealing、 but nothing about her really stood out to me while I was scanning the lineup at a small gogo bar at LK Metro. Well、 actually one thing did stand out to me: her eyes. There was something about the way she squinted and laughed that made her seem really familiar to me、 like I knew her from before. But what was I thinking? I’d never met this girl in my life….Hmmmmm…..*****Still、 curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t help calling this chunky chica down for a drink. We chatted for a few minutes and I kept experiencing that feeling of dejavu. How did I know this girl?*****“What was your name again?” I asked.*****“Anna、” she replied as she smiled absently.*****And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This was Anna from Creampie Thais fame from like 8 years ago. Holy shit! Back in the day、 this girl was my dream girl. Perfect ass、 big ripe juicy tits、 killer smile、 breeding hips. I can’t tell you guys how many times I blew my load masturbating to this girl when she was in her teenage years. *****The Creampie Thais dude got to fuck this girl in her prime. Lucky guy! But even though Anna seemed to have had a few rough years and was definitely on the decline、 I’m just too much of a pathetic fanboy to pass up the opportunity to bang and impregnate one of my favorite all time porn stars! I had to give it a try.*****I pretended not to know who she was、 and then laid on the charm big time. Not that it would’ve been hard at all to get this girl home with me、 but I wanted to breed her and do it on film、 so I had to get her to trust me. By casually dropping certain words in conversation、 you can initiate females’ breeding instincts and get them to allow you to inseminate them、 even if you’re a complete stranger. Words like “responsible、” “family-oriented、” and “secure” will get these girls wetter than a Slip-N-Slide. And that’s exactly what I did.*****Although she pretended to be naive、 it was clear she’d worked in videos before. So once back at my apartment、 we got straight down to business. She blew me like a pro and took my 9-inch cock down her overused whore-hole like it was nothing. When I finally unloaded deep into her womb and corked her like a wine bottle、 the result was hilarious. I put the cork into her pussy and her pussy muscles just sucked it right in! I’d never seen anything like it. And after 15 minutes of incubation、 I told the whore to push out the cork and she clenched her cunt and shot the cork out like a canon! Wow! What a professional、 haha.*****Although I wish I’d gotten to breed this little filly back in her prime、 it was still worth it to fuck and impregnate one of my all time favorite amateur pornstars、 even if she was on the decline. Just think of your favorite pornstar from like 10-15 years ago. If you saw them today、 would they look as sexy? Probably not. But would you still want to pound their famous pussies? I’m guessing you would、 haha.


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