Sexy Teen Hooker Wants A Baby From Foreign Man

タイトル:Sexy Teen Hooker Wants A Baby From Foreign Man
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プロバイダ:Monger In Asia 公式
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Joylyn「Sexy Teen Hooker Wants A Baby From Foreign Man」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


Hey guys、 do you remember this sexy little hooker Joylyn? I picked her up from a street corner in Angeles City、 Philippines a few months ago and banged her on hidden camera、 all for like $20! It was really fun and I remember thinking I’d love to shoot a proper scene with her. But she was so camera-shy、 I didn’t think it would actually happen. *****But persistence pays off! I kept in touch with the little whore via text messages、 asking her about her hopes and dreams and what she wanted in life. As I got to know her a little more、 she revealed to me her aspirations were pretty simple. She didn’t want an education、 she didn’t want a 9-5 job、 she didn’t want to “better” herself….she just wanted a mixed-race “Fil-Am” baby that she could show off to her friends and family! Wow…it’s so refreshing to know that the Filipino education system is preparing girls for life in the proper way. Don’t fill your heads with boy-stuff like books and facts and knowledge. Don’t practice critical thinking (or think too much at all for that matter). Just concentrate on “lady-skills”: smiling、 looking pretty、 and spreading your legs when a man tells you to. *****I told Joylyn I’d breed her but she’d have to let me film it. She agreed without hesitation. Good girl! So I dressed the little whore up in a really slutty outfit and had her get me nice and hard by giving me a nice、 slow blowjob. After that、 I stripped her down and examined her like prized cattle、 squeezing her ripe udders and slapping her round、 full-figured ass. Yes、 this little whore is definitely going to bear me a strong baby、 I’m sure of it!*****I hadn’t bred a female in almost a week (yes really!) so I had to take it slow at first. I didn’t want to be a one-pump chump and had to get into my rhythm. But after a few minutes I was pounding away at her sexy teen love-hole with vigor、 sliding in and out as she got wetter and wetter. I could barely contain myself、 and after a few different positions I shot my load of baby batter deep into her awaiting womb. Her pussy was gaping after half an hour of brutal pounding、 and my trusty wine cork fit right into her wet whore-hole. She smiled and giggled as she felt the sperm seep deeper and deeper into her uterus、 happy and satisfied she’d soon be a proud mommy. And I was proud too! There’s nothing more satisfying than knocking up a sexy teen and bearing no responsibility for the baby care!


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