Sexy Filipina Gets Her Pussy Pumped Full of Semen

タイトル:Sexy Filipina Gets Her Pussy Pumped Full of Semen
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Analyn「Sexy Filipina Gets Her Pussy Pumped Full of Semen」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


When I place online advertisements for sperm donations、 I sometimes get some strange responses. All kinds of girls message me back seeking my valuable alpha-male western semen、 but I won’t donate to just any whore who wants to get knocked up. Some girls are too old (over 30) and some are too ugly (hey、 I don’t want ugly babies right?). I’ll definitely impregnate girls who are in their 20’s but nothing beats knocking up a fresh young teenager. Many countries in the world actively campaign against teen pregnancy、 but it seems counter-intuitive to me; why stand in the way of nature? An 18 or 19-year-old female is at the perfect age to start popping out babies、 especially if they want a large litter over the course of their breeding years. They’ve got to start early! And that’s why I’m here to help….*****Analyn was a great example of an ideal breeding candidate. At 19 years old、 this cute little filly was just blossoming into womanhood and greatly needed a strong stud to make her a mommy. She had a pretty face and a nice、 fecund、 hourglass body with strong、 wide breeding hips. I was more than happy to help her get pregnant…with hips like those、 she could possibly produce twins!*****After stripping Analyn down and examining her body、 it was time for her to get me in breeding mode. I don’t know if it was her natural cock-sucking instincts or if she had a foreign man teach her how to give blowjobs earlier in life、 but Analyn was a natural cocksucker. She really knew how to deepthroat me and make me hard. When I instructed her to lick my asshole clean、 she did it without hesitation、 sticking her tongue deep into the depths of my bowels (good girl!).*****I pumped Analyn’s face and pussy in numerous positions before finally shooting my load deep into the recesses of her fertile breeding box、 and then proceeded to cork her. Turns out I didn’t even need the cork as my sperm was lodged WAY deep inside the complex labyrinth of her female anatomy. When I uncorked her after 15 minutes、 the sperm simply refused to come out! I’ve read that some girls’ pussies will naturally act as reverse-plungers、 sucking up semen like a vacuum past the cervix and deep into the uterus. Well、 this definitely seemed to happen with Analyn as my sperm did not want to leave its new、 happy home. *****After a few minutes of prodding Analyn’s birth canal、 my sticky spooge finally found its way out and dripped from Analyn’s tight pussy lips. She thanked me profusely and I was happy to help. I honestly haven’t heard from her since I bred her (I lost her contact info)、 but I have no doubt my rapacious sperm did their job.


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