Boss Fills Sexy Teen Maids Pussy With Sperm!

タイトル:Boss Fills Sexy Teen Maids Pussy With Sperm!
サイト:Hey動画 単品販売 (ボーナスポイント購入)
プロバイダ:Monger In Asia 公式
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Kiana「Boss Fills Sexy Teen Maids Pussy With Sperm!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


Can you turn a ho into a housewife? That’s debatable. But can you turn a hooker into a Bangmaid? Sure、 why not! Sexy、 slim Kiana definitely had experience in the hooker department. She was an experienced cocksucker and definitely knew how to sexually satisfy a male customer (as you guys may remember from a few months back when I secretly filmed the little whore on my spycam!). But could she fulfil the other half of every female’s sacred duties? Could she cook、 clean、 and serve the dominant sex all while maintaining her feminine charms and sexual obligations? I was about to find out…*****I made Kiana change into a slutty French maid outfit and started her off sweeping the floors. I really don’t know how well she swept as my eyes were glued to her perfectly round teenage bubblebutt shaking back and forth as she worked. Keeping the floors clean is important. But keeping my cock clean is even more important、 so I didn’t waste anymore time with the floors and directed the little hooker to show me how well she could suck my 9-inch western cock.*****Kiana sucked dick like a pro、 taking it deep into her throat and drooling all over the floor. When it was time to test out her pussy、 she got into doggystyle position without hesitation、 knowing that her sexy ass was her best asset and presenting it to me like a good maid. *****As usual、 banging Kiana was a blast! I fucked her in numerous positions before finally deciding to unload into her in lazy-doggy position. I like this position as I feel like I can really get my sperm DEEP into the crevices of a woman’s birth canal. *****When I stealthily creampied Kiana on hidden camera a few months ago、 she was really upset and it was hilarious. This time、 however、 she seemed to stoically accept her fate as a foreigner’s cum bucket. She was about to fulfil her life’s destiny as a Bangmaid、 and arguing or getting upset was counterproductive. Good girl Kiana、 you’re learning! Now go make me a sandwich、 I’m gonna watch some TV.


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