Ripe, Fertile Teenage Maid Gets Knocked Up By Boss

タイトル:Ripe, Fertile Teenage Maid Gets Knocked Up By Boss
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My last few Bangmaid interviewees had been fairly flat-chested. This isn’t normally a problem as I like skinny little spinners cleaning my house、 but a man needs variety in life. So when 18-year-old Sheila knocked on my door with her big natural jugs protruding from her sweater、 I was instantly aroused. As the Filipinos say、 variety is the spice of life、 di ba?*****Sheila had some cleaning experience、 which was definitely an asset. But as the interview progressed、 the only assets I was interested in were the two ripe melons popping out of her chest. I instructed the naive little slut to lift up her top to let me truly evaluate her、 and although she was shy、 she let me fondle her milk-makers without complaint. *****Sheila quickly realized that to land a job with a foreigner boss she was going to have to go the extra mile. Although she wasn’t that bright overall、 she was at least smart enough to know that in a man’s world a woman had to obey male authority without hesitation. When I whipped out my 9-inch cock without warning and told her to get to work、 she knew exactly what to do.*****Her blowjob skills were a little rudimentary and I could tell she was nervous、 but it still felt great. And regardless、 the most important wet hole I wanted to put my cock into wasn’t her mouth; it was her beautiful young fertile pussy. With perfect teen tits like that、 I just knew this little calf could produce gallons of milk for my future offspring、 so I had to impregnate her.*****Sheila’s pussy was dripping wet as her natural breeding instincts took over. I slid my cock slowly into her breeding box without a condom and she didn’t protest or say a word. She knew she was about to get bred by an alpha-male foreigner and she couldn’t resist her natural feminine urges. *****After nailing the little calf in many different ways、 it was time to make this girl a proper woman. I put her on her back and fucked her wet cunt steadily、 watching her round globes jiggle at every thrust. Finally、 I couldn’t hold it anymore and I had to unload my baby-gravy deep into her uterus. Did I hire her? Definitely. Did she get pregnant? Absolutely!


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