Beautiful Blond Filipina Maid Gets Ravaged by Monster Cock

Natasha Rose
タイトル:Beautiful Blond Filipina Maid Gets Ravaged by Monster Cock
出演:Natasha Rose
サイト:Hey動画 単品販売 (ボーナスポイント購入)
プロバイダ:Monger In Asia 公式サイト
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Natasha Rose「Beautiful Blond Filipina Maid Gets Ravaged by Monster Cock」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


If there’s one thing I love about teens from Southeast Asia、 it’s that they’re naturally so slim and skinny. Not like their western counterparts with their thick frames and ropey muscles. I like my girls weak and submissive、 only strong enough to lift a broom、 a mop、 a duster、 and my big cock into their tiny little mouths. *****Enter Natasha: when this sexy、 slim teeny-bopper showed up at my apartment、 I was immediately drawn to her tiny、 super thin waist. I think she must have been the skinniest girl I’d ever interviewed、 and she was slim without looking anorexic. With a 19-inch waist、 I could practically wrap my hands around her entire tummy and touch fingertips. So fucking hot. *****Natasha was desperate for money、 so when I told her she had to wear a sexy、 revealing maid outfit so I could ogle her while she worked、 she was shocked at first、 but eventually accepted her fate. She didn’t make it past middle school and had no education so she knew her only real chance at the good life was serving at a foreigner man’s feet、 doing whatever he commanded. I instructed Natasha to do some cursory dusting、 all while feeling up her tight、 tiny、 teenage ass. She resisted a little at first、 but eventually gave in to what I wanted as she knew her job was on the line.*****When I told her the final part of her interview would be seeing how well she could serve my cock、 she acted shocked at first. But once I whipped out my 9-inch tool、 she instinctively took it into her mouth and started sucking like a good girl. I proceeded to pound little Natasha’s fresh teen pussy in numerous positions. I was really tempted to pump my seed deep into this naive little teen’s womb right then and there、 but decided to hold off and shoot it all over her pretty face instead. After all、 I want to keep her around a few months with her micro-thin frame intact before my baby totally wrecks her tiny tummy. But don’t worry guys; I knock this fresh little calf up eventually….stay tuned.


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