I came inside her pretty pink pussy

タイトル:I came inside her pretty pink pussy
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Asia Fuck Dolls-hey

Dar「I came inside her pretty pink pussy」のアダルト動画は【Asia Fuck Dolls】へ!


Sometimes when you visit a GoGo bar you tend to be excited by all the swinging tits and ass on display. However、 the minute I walked through the door、 I saw the girl I knew I had to fuck. Her name is Dar and she was spread eagle on the edge of a Jacuzzi tub with one hand holding her balance on the slippery edge、 and the other hand fingering her soaked pussy. Immediately I fumbled for some twenty baht notes and began slapping them on her wet skin. After a quick bar fine and taxi fare、 we were in my room where she gave me a slutty dance before pulling out my cock and sucking it. Her schoolgirl outfit was such a turn on that I fucked her with it on. This girl was extremely talented and after a few minutes、 I came inside her pretty pink pussy.


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